Blue Ribbon Learning Center is designed to help students in grades Kindergarden through Highschool achieve academic excellence.  Essential skills are developed and reinforced through one-on-one sessions. We focus on developing skill sets and strategies that allow students to become independent learners.  Students are taught according to their specific needs in an effort to help reach their highest potential.  At Blue Ribbon Learning Center we make learning fun!
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Blue Ribbon Learning Center provides a unique set of educational services to East Texas.  To help determine which service will work best for your child we normally recommend beginning with an  Assessment Test.  This allows us to help determine where your childs strengths and weaknesses lie. The results of the test are reviewed in detail with the parent/guardian.  From this review we determine what options are available to best address your child's needs. 
At Blue Ribbon Learning Center we offer three levels of educational  progams.  For students needing a little extra help with home work we provide one-on-one Academic Tutoring.  If your child is experiencing difficulty with spelling and reading we offer Prevention Courses.  If the assessment test indicates dyslexic tendencies we offer Intervention Courses that can include Dyslexic Therapy.
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