The Blue Ribbon Mission

Blue Ribbon Learning Center is designed to help students from Kindergarten through High school achieve academic excellence. Essential skills are developed and reinforced through one-on-one sessions. We focus on developing skill sets and strategies that allow students to become independent learners. Students are taught according to their specific needs in an effort to help reach their highest potential.

At Blue Ribbon Learning Center, we make learning fun!

Our Services

Blue Ribbon Learning Center provides a unique set of educational services to East Texas including one-on-one Academic Tutoring sessions, which are usually scheduled one to four times a week.

If your child has dyslexic tendencies or trouble with reading and/or spelling, we offer private Dyslexia Therapy, as well as Lexercise Online Teletherapy for Dyslexia.

Take a Free Online Dyslexia Screening!

Blue Ribbon Learning Center is proud to offer FREE online dyslexia screenings through Lexercise! Click below to begin your screening. Free Dyslexia Screening!